How to Write Top-Mark A-Level Business Essays


How to write a good academic essay? When you write an essay, you present both your ideas and the concepts you acquired, which prove your understanding of the topic. Writing a business essay requires you to be clear and concise while creating your thoughts in the outline.

To structure a well-written essay, you need to take into consideration several steps outlined in this article. After reading it, you will gain knowledge in both how to write a business essay and tips to improve your academic writing. 

5 Steps of Writing a Business Essay:


  1. Start with Picking a Topic

    Whether you are writing a business essay for a school assignment or a contest, make sure to pick the topic first. In most cases, you might be given a topic as a part of your assignment, but you also can be given freedom of choice. Consequently, if you already have a topic, think about what type of paper you need to write. The structure of the feature article might be a general overview or a specific analysis yet still, ensure narrowing your focus, if applicable.In case you have the freedom to choose your topic, you might want to contribute more time to it. One of the advantages of selecting your topic is that you can write about something you are knowledgeable about and interested in. Make sure to define the purpose of your essay, if you are going to write it to inform or persuade the reader. When you finally determine the purpose of the paper, go ahead and make some research on the selected topics. For instance, some business essays require to include analysis and discussion, where you need to provide relevant evidence and references from academic resources.

  2. Create an Outline

    The next step is to start organizing your ideas and include them in the business essay. When you start writing your ideas on the paper, you will be able to see connections and links between your thoughts and the selected topic, making it a foundation of a good feature article.Additionally, start by creating a paper outline at the beginning of the page. Make sure to list the main ideas that you are going to expand on later in your business essay. Also, you can try to create subsections under your main ideas and include extra information that is relevant to the initial thought. It will help you easily organize and structure your feature article.

  3. Write a Strong Thesis Statement

    After you selected a topic and created an outline for your business essay, you need to create a strong thesis statement in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement is a guide that helps inform the reader of the key point of the feature article that you can find in your outline and main ideas. It should consist of a clear and concise statement and present the main purpose of the paper or the argument as well as the major supporting evidence.A thesis statement should consist of two different parts such as (1) stating your topic and (2) stating the point of the essay. Feel free to check how great examples of a thesis statement could look like.Note that you need to have a rough idea for the thesis statement before writing the main body of the feature article. Also, you can make changes to your thesis statement after completing the paper to make it more clear and more relevant. It is vital to create a thesis statement that will interest the audience to continue reading the main body of the feature article. Lastly, ensure that your paper provides relevant evidence that proves your thesis statement.

  4. Write a Body Paragraph

    The main body of the essay should include arguments, explanations, and descriptions of the chosen topic. Also, every main idea that you outlined earlier should have a separate section in the body paragraph.The structure of the body paragraph starts with writing the first main idea in the introductory sentence, with relevant support and evidence in the following sentences. Make sure to provide a detailed analysis that refers to and supports the thesis statement of the feature article. Afterward, continue by writing other main ideas in chronological order to make the paper concise.

  5. Write a Well-Structured Introduction

    You do not have to start your feature article by writing an introduction, instead, ensure to finish the thesis statement and the main body paragraph first. Once you wrote a thesis statement and the body paragraph, you should start writing an introduction. Remember that the introduction must attract the readers and indicate the main focus of the business essay.Commonly, you can start the introduction with shocking information, a quote, a story, a fact, or a dialogue to grab the reader’s attention. However, when writing the introduction, ensure it refers back to the thesis statement, which you will include in the last sentence.

  6. Finish with Conclusion

    In the conclusion, you will need to summarize the main idea of the essay and provide a final argument about the topic. The structure of the conclusion consists of three to five strong sentences that review the main points and support the thesis statement.

  7. Edit and Proofread Your Essay

    Once you finished writing your paper, you can start editing and proofreading it. Make sure to check the structure of the feature article as well as the order of the paragraphs. It is essential to write in chronological order. It means that your strongest points must be present in the beginning and end with the least important evidence. It will give the paper a smooth flow, making it easier for the reader to follow.In addition, make sure to review the instructions you received to compose a paper. It is quite important to follow all guidelines, including the word count, font type, essay format, and other technical requirements you might have to complete. A well-written paper must not contain grammar mistakes and should be written in a way readers can easily grasp it. Read your paper aloud and see if it is easy to understand and if it has a logical flow. In case you do not understand some phrases or sentences, make sure to paraphrase them before submitting your work.

Tips to Improve Academic Writing


There are five different ways that can help you enhance your academic writing. This list includes the following:

  • Do not use contractions

You should avoid using contractions when writing an academic paper. It is important to differentiate the contractions and know when to exclude them from the paper. Contractions are the shorter versions of the words and it is necessary to write words in full.

For instance, by contractions we mean the following: don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, isn’t, haven’t, hasn’t. Better avoid them and, instead, make sure to compose the appropriate wording like: do not, cannot, should not, could not, would not, is not, have not, has not.

  • Avoid there is/there are

You should avoid using there is/there are because you want your sentences to be clear and concise. The sentences should be written to the point. For example:

DO NOT write: “There are many opportunities that students might encounter at school.”

INSTEAD write: “Students encounter many opportunities at school.”

  • Avoid using certain words

In academic writing, avoid using words like really, very, a lot, and so. These words weaken your writing if you include them in the essay. For example:

DO NOT write: “I think university is very hard.”

INSTEAD write: “I think university is difficult.”

  • Limit using Passive Voice

Unless you are in the sciences, you can use passive voice, when writing a paper. However, if you study humanities, social science, history, and psychology, avoid using passive voice and compose your paper in the active voice only. Most university writings require students to use only active voice. For example:

DO NOT write: “ The article was written by me last Wednesday.”

INSTEAD write: “I wrote the article last Wednesday.”

  • Use strong verbs

In academic writing, it is necessary to use strong verbs instead of using weak verbs. What is the difference between weak and strong verbs, actually? Remember that anytime you have a verb and a noun, make sure to check if the noun can be written as a verb.


In conclusion, writing a business essay requires patience and effort. However, when you have a clear guide to follow and available help, you do not have to worry. Make sure to conduct thorough research and avoid using unnecessary wordings.