Best Tips to Write a Professional Visual Argument Essay

Top 5 Tips to Write Visual Argument Essays

Pictures create lasting effects on our minds. What we cannot say in words, a picture can say effortlessly in a few moments. Such is the power of pictures on our psychology!

Words, when combined with pictures, have a great impact on us. Research shows using visuals and texts can help us learn better. That lays the foundation for writing a visual essay. You can use the influence of images to prove your argument or analyze a scenario.

You can write visual essays for a number of purposes, like establishing arguments. Pictures can help you make a strong point and work to build your hypothesis. However, things can seem challenging if you are new to the arena. 

Today, I will provide a few insightful tips to write visual argument essays. Whatever be your topic, you can create a wonderful paper and aim for the best grades. 

How to Use Pictures to Prove Your Argument

As we said earlier, images influence our minds. A study that came out in the Frontiers in Psychology evaluates this effect on pictures on our brain. 

The researchers studied how images and words affect our reactions. They showed participants emotionally-charged pictures and made them listen to emotional words. The participants reacted more strongly in the case of emotionally-charged pictures than words. This shows we can use images to create public opinions and thoughts.

We will use an example to show the magic of images. Consider the following sentence-

“Malnutrition is a problem even in 2020. We must act now to save our future generation from demise.”  The above will make some of us feel sad and concerned. However, that number will likely be very few. Now, combine the above with the picture below.

Using images for essays
Images can strengthen your arguments

You can see how a picture instantly acts as an emotional trigger. People will relate more to the subject and feel more deeply about what you have to say. So, do you now understand the power of images? Here is a cool infographic to show what pictures can really do. Once you got my point, you can move to the new section.

Effect of images on our brain
Why images are so powerful

Now, we will find out how to write a visual argument essay. I will give you the best tips that will make your essay the best one in your class. 

1. Create Your Argument

You will first have to create an argument to write your visual essay. Start with your topic and do some research to create sound arguments. You may need to access journals, articles, news reports, and more to strengthen your argument.

Let us say your topic is “The problem of homelessness in the USA.” So, you will need to find facts and figures to show the extent of homelessness. You will find several sources on the internet that help you create your argument. 

For example, the White House says there were 552,830 homeless people in 2018 in the USA. You will have to collect numbers and evidence to make your visual argument essay stand. 

Helpful cues

  • Use Google to do your research
  • Look for credible sources that people trust
  • Gather 3 – 5 legit points to support your argument
  • Use recent statistics and figures
  • Collect only relevant facts and numbers
  • Read some visual argument essay examples for easy understanding

Next, let us discuss the most important part of your visual argument analysis essay.

2. How to Find Images for Your Visual Essays

Now comes the time to find the right pictures to support your arguments. Your search for images can begin in many places. The easiest place to search is the internet using a Google search.

You will have to use the right search phrases to come across the right pictures. Taking our example forward, let us search for images to support our homelessness in the USA essay. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Open your browser and access the Google search page.
  • Enter the search phrase in the search bar. 
  • You can use different keywords like “Homelessness in USA,” “Homeless people in USA,” or “Poor people in USA.” 
  • Look for the most appealing image that you may use.
  • Download the picture and save it for later.

You should find 1 – 2 images for each of your points or opinions. However, don’t flood your essay with so many pictures that it is difficult to follow. You can use 3 – 5 images for a 500 – 700-word essay, depending on your visual argument essay topics. Using any more may be bad for your grades, according to GetFinanceEssay.

3. Copyright Images

Images on the internet have copyrights. It means you cannot use the pictures without permission. However, that may not apply to your visual essays. You cannot use the images for commercial purposes or put them up on your website. But using them for your college assignment may be okay. 

You can ask your professor for their take on the subject. They will be able to tell you the recommended policies for using images. But generally, you will not have to worry. 

You should mention the sources of the pictures and provide links in your bibliography. This way, your teachers will be able to check your work without any hassles. 

You can also search Google for images without copyright. Just do an image search and select the preferred option under Tools > Usage Rights.

Google image search options
Find images on Google for your essay

You can freely use images without copyright anywhere you please. 

Now, we will get into the last part of our guide. You will learn how to write a proficient visual essay in minutes!

4. How to Write Your Visual Essay

You should start your essay with an introduction. Talk about the premise and the arguments you will cover in your paper. Next, move on to the main body of your essay.

Here, you should start with your arguments. Write a paragraph or two for each argument. Now, add in the images to support your arguments.

It can be a good strategy to describe the picture to help generate an emotional response. Draw attention to the elements of the picture that relate to your argument. For our homelessness example, describe how people sleep on the streets. You can also include pictures of shelters and show they are not adequate to support the homeless population.

Do this for every image you use to create the greatest impact. Do not just add images to make your essay look good. Plus, use the right words based on your images to influence your readers further. 

You should also limit your use of words to as much as needed. Don’t waste words where your images do the explaining for you. Use your text to bring up the nuances or hidden significance of your pictures.

Of course, you should write within the world limit suggested by your teacher. 

5. Proofread Your Essay

Once you complete your essay, it is time to give it a good read. 

  • Check if the flow of arguments is consistent and makes sense. 
  • Delete any part that does not make sense or seems unnecessary.
  • Look for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.
  • Check if you followed all the instructions.
  • Add your references if asked by your teacher. 

You can also use online proofreading tools to make your job easy. But manual proofreading is always best to detect errors that technology cannot.

Final Thoughts

A visual essay can fetch you good grades and impress your teachers. If done right, you can get the best grades in your class. You have the best tips to help you write an A+ pictorial essay. So, use them for your assignment and come out with flying colors. If you need professional help, you can hire top writers from a reliable writing agency. You don’t need to worry about your poor writing skills anymore!


How many images can I use in my pictorial essay?

You can use 4 - 5 images for your essay. The trick is to use as few images as you can to support your arguments.

Do I need to provide in-text citations for my essay?

Your teacher will give you instructions on whether you need in-text citations. You don't need to include them if your instructions don't mention it.

What image size should I use?

The best resolutions to use for your essay are 800 x 600 pixels. Using too large images can make the file size heavy.

Can I download and use any picture from the internet?

You may use any image as long as you do not publish your essay anywhere. Some images have copyright and are not suitable for public use.