The Best Business Personal Statement Examples and Tips


Writing a Business Management Personal Statement has never been easy. Indeed, when applying for a business course, the competition is always huge, especially if you are applying to top educational institutions. Some people think that it is impossible to write the perfect management statement. What are the secrets of successful applicants? Of course, the rules are very strict, reviewers carefully check the work and look for the smallest flaws. The ideal essay on business management should stand out from all the candidates. The business statement of purpose should highlight your strengths and ultimately convince the admissions office that you are the candidate they were looking for. There are many tips on the Internet, but they are all scattered and not clear-cut. This article will go over all the tips on how to write the best statement of purpose for a business management course with examples. 

How to write a business management personal statement in 4 steps:

  1. Introduce yourself

    So the first thing you need to do is introduce yourself. A personal statement is a special type of essay that highlights your strengths. My advice is to introduce yourself as if it was your first day of classes. Here is a tip you can use for it: describe in a few words 

    what you did before (your degree, work experience); 
    what you are doing now (current projects);
    what you plan to do in the future (career goals, life plans).

    Introducing yourself in this way gives a quick glimpse of your personality, revealing your past, present, and future plans. Speaking of the size of the introduction, The University of Berkeley advises not to spend a lot of time on autobiography and write to the point.

  2. Career Objective

    In the second paragraph, you need to talk about your career goals. However, it doesn’t have to look like your dreams. It is necessary to explain that you have already decided on your future career a long time ago. Here you can indicate the research that you conducted in the previous University and what your thesis was devoted to. If you already have work experience, completed internships in the field of business and management, please also indicate this data. It is important that this is not just a listing of facts, but a story about researches, responsibilities and your impact on the success of the projects. 

    The second part of this paragraph should be devoted to the explanation of how you will apply the existing experience in your career. You may need some of the tips given by Forbes on how successful people achieve their goals. At this point, it is very common that applicants often make one mistake. They write about enrolling in a business course as their ultimate goal. However, the right way is to talk about your career goal and how enrolling in a business course will contribute to it.

    For example, an applicant has founded a pharmaceutical startup. This is not a minimum viable version of a product, however, it is still raw. The applicant understands that for the further development of the business he does not have enough knowledge in management and finance. This is why he is applying for the MBA program. Next, an applicant continues the description and tells how the knowledge gained on a course will help in achieving career goals.

  3. Course selection motivation

    In this paragraph, you will describe the motivation for enrolling in this particular course. Don’t confuse the explanation with the previous paragraph, where you talked about how studying will help you achieve your goals. This part of the essay requires preparation. First, describe your interests in the course. Explore the curriculum and highlight which disciplines are of particular interest to you. You may have already had experience in this subject and want to deepen your knowledge. Second, examine what kind of practical work or research the program involves. Support the explanation of your interest and knowledge of this topic. Also, when talking about disciplines and practice, study the information about the professors who teach the course. You might be interested in working with them because they can contribute to your research or work. The most important thing in this paragraph is to show that you did not choose the course because of the title or prestige. Your choice is deliberate and you clearly understand what and why you are going to study.

  4. Step 4 – Challenges experience 

    In this paragraph, you need to talk about the difficulties that you faced on the way to achieving your goals. For instance, it can be several sentences about the internship selection process or having an interview in an influential company. The most important thing here is not to talk about how you overcame challenges and what kind of lessons you learned from them. Describe how the experience gained through these trials will help you in the future. For example, you were interviewing for a position at a large company. Your candidacy was rejected, but you gained a lot of experience in interviewing, learned a lot of new information for yourself and ultimately benefited from it.


While writing a statement of interest may seem like a daunting task, if you know the tips and take the time, your essay will definitely stand out. It is worth noting that nobody can write a statement of interest from scratch without any previous preparation. Since the essay should be both structured and filled with sound arguments. If from the first paragraphs you do not manage to interest in your candidacy, then the essay may not be read at all. If you follow the steps from this article, you can rest assured that your chances of admission will increase significantly! Before submitting your personal statement look for some common writing errors. My final tip: seek advice from familiar professors or colleagues who can give an independent assessment of your work. Sometimes we may not notice obvious mistakes in our own texts. Good luck with your enrollment!

Here is a quick guide you can use: 

How to Write Business Management Personal Statement in 4 Steps infographics
How to Write Business Management Personal Statement in 4 Steps infographics

Frequently Asked Questions

How many words should an essay have?

If the university does not provide special criteria for written works, then the average length is 1000 words. Remember that the story should be clear and to the point. I don’t advise you to go over the 1200 wordmark. Since it means that you are giving too much unnecessary information.

Is it appropriate to write about my hobbies?

Hobbies are definitely a reflection of your personality. Nonetheless, the essay shows that you are a suitable candidate for business school. This is why it is better to show that you are interested in marketing, finance, strategic risk and more. Perhaps talk about the lectures or webinars you are listening to or your favourite books on the topic. It will be great if you indicate the literature of authorship of your future professors.

What if I have no ideas?

In such cases, I always give one piece of advice. Ask your friends or family members to describe you. Collect the most common facts – this is what characterizes your personality. In addition, an excellent method is reading examples and successful works. You can highlight some cool ideas for yourself. Just be careful not to copy the essays of others!