Best Tips to Write a Professional Visual Argument Essay

Top 5 Tips to Write Visual Argument Essays Pictures create lasting effects on our minds. What we cannot say in words, a picture can say effortlessly in a few moments. Such is the power of pictures on our psychology! Words,…

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How many images can I use in my pictorial essay?

You can use 4 - 5 images for your essay. The trick is to use as few images as you can to support your arguments.

Do I need to provide in-text citations for my essay?

Your teacher will give you instructions on whether you need in-text citations. You don't need to include them if your instructions don't mention it.

What image size should I use?

The best resolutions to use for your essay are 800 x 600 pixels. Using too large images can make the file size heavy.

Can I download and use any picture from the internet?

You may use any image as long as you do not publish your essay anywhere. Some images have copyright and are not suitable for public use.